“Early last year my company proposed that I be transferred from London to Austin on a permanent basis. As I had been to Austin on a couple of occasions and knew of its reputation as a vibrant, quirky, liberal city with a lot going for it, we (my wife Roslyn and I) agreed to return to the U.S. and give it a try.

As Austin also seemed incredibly affordable compared with all of the cities where we’d lived previously, we made the decision that this was the right moment to buy our first house together. From London I made a connection via email with Ali Carter from Green Mango Real Estate and she had agreed to spend some time showing us the neighborhoods and real estate market in Austin. We arrived on a chilly day in early March and had exactly one week to find a place to live before our permanent move in April.

Roslyn and I met with Ali on our first morning in town and immediately knew that we’d gotten very lucky to have found someone like her. Over the course of the next five days Ali spent at least half of each day with us showing us neighborhoods she thought we should consider and pulling dozens of listing off the MLS for us to see. Some of them we didn’t even have to get out of the car to know that it wasn’t for us. Others came under much more careful consideration.

All through the week Ali hung in there with us – asking us the right kinds of questions, getting us to think about things that maybe we hadn’t considered, laughing along with some of the odd houses people try to sell. She also came to know us well enough to know when we needed space to just be a married couple for a little while and consider our choices. On one particularly frustrating day Ali encouraged us to take a long walk along Town Lake trail and just chill out. That afternoon remains one of my favorite memories of our first week in Austin…

In the end we knew within 30 seconds of walking in that we’d found the right house for us…and Ali knew it too. It took all of five days and probably 35 or 40 walk-throughs in nearly every neighborhood of central Austin but we’d found a home. I can’t say enough about Ali’s patience, her sense of humor and her enthusiasm. She was a real find for us.”
- Ed Easton


Finding the right realtor can be a leap of faith.  Here are few words from some very happy jumpers.

“Ali made the experience of selling our family home a comfortable, easy effort.  We expected our real estate agent to be experienced, knowledgeable, efficient and up to date with all the job would require and in all these aspects we were more than satisfied.  But the true test for our family was how much we felt we could trust Ali to really understand out needs and help us through what could have been an emotional rollercoaster – selling our much-loved family home.  Ali’s charm and wit and comfortable character put us at ease from the start.  In addition to being a swiftly lucrative and flawless sale, the experience was a pleasure.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”
- Valerie Fowler

“Six months before we put our house on the market, Ali came over and gave us tips on how to get the house ready to sell. We followed almost all her advice and when we finally listed the house, it sold in a matter of days for well over our asking price.  She knows the market and she knows how to sell.  Plus, she’s nice and funny and doesn’t have a little red car like so many other real estate agents.”
- Brian Beattie

“Ali is great.  When she’s working with you, she’s definitely on your side. And because she has so much experience with houses, she can tell you what to look for and what to look out for. On top of that, her ethics are first rate.  We recommend her all the time.”
- Darden Smith