We are so excited to get started with our new “E-toys.”  This is what Dave Hime and Patty Colligan from Go9 Media, who created the new look, call them.   The best aspect of the changes we have brought in is the fact that you visitors can investigate a wide range of properties and then tell us what you want to see.  We respond promptly and PRESTO ~ we are out driving around viewing properties quicker than you can say “should-we-stop-first-and-get-a-cuppa-joe-or-will-it-make-us-too-jittery?”

Seriously, kudos and as always big thanks to the Go9 Team.  They make our lives oh so much easier and always lead with their ears.  A very good thing when dealing with intuitive REALTORs.  You will be hearing a lot more from us and about South/Central Austin Real Estate market and communities.

Kay Galvin, a Your Move REALTOR and Master Gardener, will be educating us about all things green.  She has completed her GREEN Designation with the Austin Board of Realtors and brings knowledge of green building to every deal she works.  She will also be telling us what to do in the garden and when.

Cathy Chadwick, REALTOR and member of the Austin Board of Realtors, will keep us posted on free family happenings around town, school deadlines — all things family.

I will be keeping you updated on market conditions and buyer and seller incentives.  I have recently become a HUD Broker which means I have access to and can  assist you in your purchase of a HUD home.  The time is right, believe me!

We welcome vets who are returning from active duty and are ready to take advantage of their veteran benefits with a VA loan.  The Your Move Realty team will be presenting our listing here on the blog as we list them so you hear about them first.

Please come back and share yourselves with us here.  We love to connect.  That’s why we do what we do.

Best Regards,

Ali Carter, REALTOR, Broker/Owner
Your Move…