Spacious and stunning home with a gourmet’s kitchen, open to living and dining (informal), separate formal dining, utility room, master on ground floor with HUGE walk-in closet, double sinks, jetted tub. Upstairs sun filled second living/office/flex room with 2 bedrooms and full bath. Detached garage features alley access, exterior stairs to apartment. Back and front porch and 2 patio’s offer spacious outdoor living with well kept gardens and water feature. Walk to restaurants, shopping, along tree lined streets. Hyde Park at it’s finest!
3301 Sq Ft
Offered at $917,000

CONTACT: Ali Carter
(512) 416-1770

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-001-1-Exterior Front 893-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-005-10-Family Kitchen Dining 735-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-006-7-Family Kitchen Dining 736-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-007-14-Family Kitchen Dining 737-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-008-47-Family Kitchen Dining 738-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-009-5-Family Kitchen Dining 739-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-010-21-Family Kitchen Dining 740-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-011-16-Family Kitchen Dining 741-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-012-17-Family Kitchen Dining 742-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-014-6-Family Kitchen Dining 744-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-016-4-Family Kitchen Dining 745-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-017-22-Formal Dining 607-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-019-13-Foyer Hall 562-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-020-36-Foyer Hall 563-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-021-25-Foyer Hall 565-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-022-18-Living Up 321-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-023-19-Living Up 322-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-024-31-Living Up 323-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-025-32-Master 441-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-026-23-Master 443-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-027-48-Master 444-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-028-27-Master 445-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-029-29-Master 446-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-030-37-Master 448-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-031-26-Master 449-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-032-40-Other Beds and Baths 438-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-033-34-Other Beds and Baths 439-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-035-35-Rear Exterior 458-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-036-45-Rear Exterior 459-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-037-41-Rear Exterior 460-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-038-46-Rear Exterior 463-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-040-43-Rear Exterior 464-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-041-30-Gust House 567-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-042-33-Gust House 568-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-043-12-Gust House 569-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-044-20-Gust House 570-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-045-15-Gust House 571-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-046-28-Garage 001-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-047-44-Rear Exterior 466-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-048-39-Utility 264-1024x768-72dpi

4707 Avenue G-MLS_Size-004-2-Exterior Front 897-1024x768-72dpiHyde Park House For Sale