For 12 exciting years I lived in New York City. As time passed the city lost its shine for me and I felt ready for a more peaceful life. So in 1992 my husband Michael Bull and I moved to Austin. Just like that: NYC to Austin, Texas. What we discovered wasn’t the hip city of today, but a progressive, slow-moving, sweet town with enough remnants of the 60’s to charm and what felt like a colossal amount of potential for a great life. Soon enough we found a community of like-minded friends and settled in. I began my professional life here working as a Medical Speech Language Pathologist but after 10 years I found myself heavy-hearted. Michael and I had been buying small houses in the Bouldin area that he renovated and I sold. We figured it was time the right time for me to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and make it my profession. I am proud and happy to be the third generation Carter in the business and to call Your Move Realty, Inc. my own!

What can I say about Austin? It was fun to get here before it became hip. It was a blast to buy a neglected house and pour our creative energy into it and then do it again! It was inspiring to watch Michael, a Master Boat Builder, develop a name for himself building wooden boats and teaching others about this passion. It is a continual joy to meet people who want to talk not about what you do but about who you are.

In 1996 our daughter Michaela was born. Let me tell you, Austin is a sane and supportive place to “grow” a child. There is so much outdoor space to explore in all seasons. When February rolls around and my shoulders aren’t inching upwards to my jaw from the cold and that splendid winter light surrounds, I feel so grateful to have found this place. And when the heat arrives, the icy cold waters of one or another of our inviting swimming holes cools my core sufficiently and I feel ready for anything!

Living in places like Newport, R.I., southern Vermont, San Diego, San Francisco and New York has made me aware of both the joys and anxieties of moving. I get it. Since becoming a REALTOR, I’ve helped people buy and sell homes from the West and East Coast, around the corner and as far away as London and India. I promise to take you in hand with patience and honesty and make the process as simple, stress-free and positive as possible. I never forget that “it’s your move.”